Greek and Italian country dishes and a touch of French chic, blended into an authentic, simple, high-quality Israeli Galilee cuisine.

 Oil from the grove’s crops, freshly picked herbs, fresh meat from the Golan Heights, pomegranates, figs and unique fruit: capulin cherry (Panama berry), ice cream beans, tamarind, marula, rose apples, Chinese date (jujube) and more, combined in desserts that delight the senses!

With special attention to the freshness of our dishes, we set up a kitchen on location for every event, whether small or large – an oven, stovetop, Brazilian grill, meat smoker and more, as required. We prepare the food on site and present it at its best, with the finest service. That is why it is important to make arrangements in advance.

We recommend visiting the grove in the afternoon, when the softly illuminates the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, the churches, the synagogue at Capernaum, and the lychee and mango groves – creating the ideal setting for a fabulous gourmet meal.

Menus are adapted to the type of event, in consultation with the clients and according to their requirements.

Meals are served by arrangement in advance, for groups of  minimum 20 people