Levona Grove is not only a beautiful setting where fruit trees of different species from all over the world grow. It is also a memorial to the fascinating story of the Lishanski family, which dates back to the early 20th century and Nili, the famous Jewish espionage network that helped the British in the struggle against the Ottoman Empire

The experience in Levona Grove includes a walk through the trees and tasting their ripened fruit. In the near future, we will also offer a selection of liqueurs made from the fruit of the grove for purchase.

יוסי בוסתן לבונהYossi
A gregarious, sociable man and friend of the land, Yossi leads the tours of Levona Grove and teaches visitors about the various special trees that grow here. He is father of his two partners in Levona Grove, owner of a banana and mango farm, and a guide of jeep tours throughout the Galilee and the Golan Heights. Yossi was named for his grandfather, Yosef Lishanski of Nili fame

דני בוסתן לבונהDani
A partner and chef at Levona Grove & Catering, Dani specializes in baking and desserts. He is also responsible for the R&D operations of Levona Grove in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Volcani Center and Ben-Gurion University, which contribute significantly to the development of this unique grove. Dani is studying for a master’s degree and is engaged in research on the storage of tropical fruits

שישי בוסתן לבונהShishi
A partner and chef at Levona Grove & Catering, Shishi is responsible for customer relations and for developing the culinary aspects of Levona Catering, using the products of the grove (unique fruits and herbs).  His rich resume in the field of catering includes work as a chef in several restaurants, including Muscat, which he founded at Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel